I’ve been making my own websites since the turn of the millennium when I was just 12 years old, and have been working professionally as a front-end web developer for over 10 years.

As any web-dev knows, the tech world constantly changes, and I have seen the web move from tables and inline styles, to Flash and ActionScript, to HTML5 and responsive design, and more. I’ve kept up with the ever-changing digital landscape, learning new languages and concepts along the way. 

I am trained in building custom sites with fully customized WordPress backends and templates. I have also worked extensively in Shopify for several e-commerce clients. I practice DRY (“Don’t Repeat Yourself”) code whenever possible and aim to code in an organized and easy to understand way, allowing others to collaborate when need-be.

With a college background in graphic design, I can make good aesthetic decisions. Whether it be choosing color palettes, typography, layouts, etc, I am accustomed to expanding the web design provided by the graphic designer on pages or sections that may not have been designed at the prototype stage. I always place high importance on the visuals, which doesn’t always come hand-in-hand in the developer world.

I am a diligent, independent worker who can follow through with projects from start to completion with minimal direction. However, I also work well collaborating with others in joint projects or assisting in debugging. I am a confident coder and excel at troubleshooting problems and errors.

My Philly ties run deep: growing up in the Philadelphia area, going to college at Temple’s Tyler School of Art, and working in Center City for a decade. In 2014, I became an official Philadelphian when I bought a house in Roxborough.

Skills & Qualifications

Coding Languages

  • HTML, CSS, PHP, JQuery/Javascript, Shopify Liquid, MySQL, AJAX, JSON, XML
  • CPanel, phpMyAdmin, and willing to poke around the scary world of EasyApache and the like
  • Programs “mobile-first” responsive websites with attention to touch interactivity
  • Programs with page speed in mind: uses srcset for images, delayed loading, template caching, etc.


  • WordPress, Shopify
  • Has worked with various CMSs including ExpressionEngine, TextPattern, and more
  • Has worked with object-oriented frameworks like Sencha Touch


  • Able to troubleshoot compatibility issues, whether debugging for cross-browser or running into PHP or .htaccess errors when launching a site.
  • Performing website maintenance, such as updating WordPress and plugins, making backups, performing basic security scans using online tools
  • Installing SSL certificates
  • Making DNS changes
  • Migrating websites

Other Skills

  • Building hard-coded e-blasts and e-blast templates (primarily in Campaign Monitor)
  • Production work, such as Photoshopping and formatting images and other assets
  • Making content updates 
  • Familiarity with GIT and repositories
  • Installing web fonts

Office Skills

  • Working one on one with clients, via email, phone, and/or most-recently, Zoom
  • Managing multiple projects at once
  • Delegating tasks when needed
  • Collaborating with others
  • Meeting Deadlines
  • Taking ownership of a project through completion 
  • Tracking hours in time-tracking apps (Harvest, BaseCamp, etc)
  • Creating cost estimates for clients


  • Fluent in the Adobe Suite
  • Microsoft Office: Word, Excel, Powerpoint, etc
  • Preferred Text Editor is VS Code, but has used Sublime, Text Mate, etc.
  • and more


TYLER SCHOOL OF ART, Temple University
Philadelphia, PA
Graphic and Interactive Design BFA & Japanese Minor, summa cum laude, May 2010

Sharon Hill, PA
High School Diploma with Honors, June 2006


SENIOR WEB DEVELOPER at Dyad Communications
Philadelphia, PA

I respectfully ask you to not contact my current employer. Prior employment available upon request, as I don’t believe it relates enough to this position to mention here. Any further information, including references, is available upon request.


My name is Erin Witzel and I am an alumni of Tyler School of Art, graduating with a concentration in interactive design and illustration. I was first introduced to the world of code when learning basic HTML in the 6th grade. It definitely sparked my interest in the world of web design, and I’ve been building websites ever since! I’ve been an artist since the day I was born, though, and am a proud lefty!

I am currently a web developer at a design firm in downtown Philadelphia. I am fluent in the Adobe Creative Suite and specialize in HTML, CSS, JavaScript & JQuery, PHP, and building custom CMSs with WordPress and ExpressionEngine. I am also well-practiced in Sencha Touch & other touch technologies. And I continue learning more and more every day.

When I’m not coding, I love to create illustrations that are fun and light-hearted. I particularly love to create images geared for children. I also have an interest in visual development, character design, and story-boarding. I am open to taking on freelanced projects — please learn more about commissions here.


At this time, commissions are worked out on an individual basis. Please email me if you are interested in commissioning me for a project, large or small. We can discuss things like breadth, budget, and timeframe. I look forward to hearing from you!


Please direct inquiries to:  
Learn more about commissions.

Also find me on these sites:
tumblr | twitter | vimeo | linkedin

I respectfully ask you to not contact me about use of existing artwork. In rare cases will existing artwork be available for individuals seeking license for commercial use. I highly welcome commissions, however, and would love to speak to you about your project needs.